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FDI , there is more to it than a debate of parliament

"Not letting foreigners come and do business along with us is a sign of weakness. It is like hosting the Olympics and not allowing the best countries to compete. " The opposition has played a major role in this term to bring out various scams and keep the pressure on the government. However, to oppose everything, and for the sake of obstruction and not much else is not right either. However, the support for FDI and some of the PM's policies in no way implies that the government is off the hook on the various scams. Until now, the government hasn't demonstrated seriousness about taking the right action on graft. In fact, it denies the scams even occurred. Liberalisation is not only about better economic policies, but also about better moral values.  But seriously , the point of concern here is not whether central government has thought of FDI to cover its ass but " Is foreign direct investment really of any help or is only a tool for distracting the nation ? So lets…

Love, my views.. :)

Love:Why are those who fall in love called fools?

“And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche 

I always had a cynical tilt towards this topic and wondered if I would ever  be able to convey it exactly ,simply and  beyond the shame, regrets, shyness , untouched or unaffected by opinions.
Love is nothing more than the most indulging question I have ever solved, Love is hidden within the expression when you listen to your best song . Love is the hidden  zeal / the inspiration or a motivator who pushes you to "Do it", beyond the odds. Love is hidden within the smile of a musician when he thinks, he had played it at his best. Love is like your mom's word when you are in despair  or at the verge of forfeiting. Love is your feel  when from nowhere you hear your Dad's words "Don't worry I am always here for you". Love is hidden within your urge to listen to a song hour after hours,days…