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Dilapidated Character.....

Reasons never been so small for anything in life till date.Guilt never been so high to hide something from those who we love the most (parents).Wonder are we so far much gone in the flow that even once ,the question "why" not creeping through our mind  .

I remember a guy ,a very good friend of mine had the first fag of cigarette when we were returning from wayanad
and the only reason was to look "different" ( in college Tech-terms look cool), and yeah we were astonised with glowing eyes gave it a try ( though a voice echoed inside ,the voice which always clarified the different between wrong and right but i faked as if i heard nothing).That was the beginning ,next i had an encounter with a guy from a very famous school and all filled with superiority and boastings and drunk once said "Saurav enjoy with us don't be a kid be a man", as a writer i should say that i told him that he was wrong and lacked character but i found his words rather interesting a…