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Happy B'day Pops

Dear pop's,

It an irony that I am writing a letter to the person who has taught me how write one.Its your birthday but I don't have  a gift for you.But I am proud that I couldn't have anything to give because there is nothing I can imagine that will do justice to the love ,respect and gratitude I have for you.What I am now is itself the best and the most beautiful gift you have given me.
Sitting at a comfortable chair at my college I remember:-

 You used to take all my books to office and read  them and print Q/A and I used to simply read them . Teachers used to think I am  good at studies, even though I didn't even know the names of those books.I remember the final exam of Maths in 7th class ,there was a holi vacation of 2 days and I was totally nervous ,you sat with me though all syllabus teaching  me those "Fatima bought 100 eggs and all" and I ended up getting 100.I remember all your cajoling to participate in debates ,writing those debates for me and eve…