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Living IIT delhi Life

It feels good to be writing after a long break.One complete year ! isn't it ?

I am sitting in front of my room in Girnar hostel of IIT D, which looks like what my NIT C's mega_hostel may look like when it is complete. This place is a infrastructural beauty. It is hard to tell, whether it is a collage or a huge garden full of peacocks.Lamps on both side of roads makes the campus magically lit up all night long making it hard to stay in rooms at night.
Ironical isn't ?  how hard I resist these changes and even regret them at the beginning but finally all adds up to be a beautiful memory to be cherished.I had no plans of ending up here and though I still don't have but for now I am here and I intend to enjoy this awesome place to its fullest.Oh ! i forgot to mention Anil , he is my classmate here from Alwar Rajasthan and he is fitness freak and is making me run at 5 am in the morning and then gym. And then there are these awesome Profs (Mr Dutta and Mr Rammana) who teach…

European Emigrant Crisis

I am going to give a brief picture of what the matter is all about.

People are migrating from West Asia, Africa, Balkan countries even Pakistan and Bangladesh. The resin behind is very wide and different for different countries but in simple worlds it can be said that it is due to instability political, social and economic in these areas. Like from West Asia mainly due to ISIS, Arab spring or civil war in Africa, Syria crisis, yamen crisis and other fringe elements activities. Then what question arises, why only European countries? Why not Asia. The answer is pretty simple ,the boundaries of Europe are not that restricted as that of Asia's and they have a developed economy. The prospect of better future is more viable there and inter country movement is also not that tough with the sanguine pact between 26 European countries in with no visa or passport is needed for inter country movement. And how did I forgot to mention a better human rights record is also one of the most importan…