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A long Stretch of unproductive time

So this is me sitting in my room frustrated, angry, depressed and lazy. I mean some times I wonder what a fluctuating personality I have, always either high or low never in between. On the table , steel notes and on the bed is my the pseudo shit with all the pseudo people showing how fucking their life is in a way better than others and how much they care for you.Even their congratulation seem nothing but hollow.And still I turn up to them always.
Certainly I have figured out there are only a few who cares what should  be u doing and how the fuck you feel and still its stupid for you to think that they will be feeling the same as u do for as long as u feel the same. I mean they can see the shoe isn't fitting but they cant feel it.
In a way people have let me down, even God has let mein down. And time to time I have realized that in time of need only one Hero has come up for me and that ass is ME :).

So as I write this down I wonder what the fuck …