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deceptive life

Its really amazing to notice that how we adapt according to the flow time, atleast in my case these 20 yrs have made me realise that things are changing and so do I. when I look back it appears that as if I had started this journey yesterday.Though they are now memories but it feels like living back in those memories is more easy-soothing,than waiting for an unpredictable future and an unstable present.That mummy’s Sonu has somewhere disappeared into this SOURAV . Things turned so much upside down that even the mirror seems to be biased and me deceptive,but I do realise the presence of that meek Sonu inside under the rough mask of deception when I face drastic situations. I try to connect both of them to a link so as make the present “me” realize that its coming from the one at the other end of chain but  the links which I am using is made of all those “smiles and tears”..and surprisingly their reasons have all changed a lot. I remember sonu crying- for birthday gifts he asked for, no…