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What's your state??

Have u ever faced a situation in which the person next to u asked "which state? before what's your name??".I think if you are in my college for more than one day then your answer will be
Y E S!!!.... Welcome to this "government college" ,where sometimes  state can matter more than individual or in other words where sometimes the" you" is overshadowed by  "THEY".
Someday back on the Diwali night  I was taking a walk through the RAJ PATH with my friends , Alok one of my friend pointed towards the basketball court and said "saurav u will find mostly Malyali people dancing ,i saw some  guys in lungi screaming - dancing and then we moved further and on the left of road we saw a group of more than 70 guys  completely into their crackers ,Alok said these ppl boasts off to be the most cracker buring group , these were Biharis...I mean who  will boast-off for the number of crackers they burn( a lame thing to boast off). We moved on and saw some…