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You, my friend at the epitome of darkness, Whispering the collusions of night, plight of wilderness; And I am here by the window side sharing the same light. For I am a garrulous, hapless in solitude, Let me elicit what my mind been begetting, And you are the one to abate
and languish my malaise;                                How to ask those rebuking eyes to absolve my sedition,                                 To tell that this penance is not vicarious,                                 To say, “appearance be disguised but feelings are honest”. “I don’t take things slow; I close my eyes and jump”, Tell me ‘o’ cognizance of light, Isn’t it our feelings that control us and not the other way round?                         Though my agony has made me a better one,                        But the conscience still ask for vindication,                       This wild soul asks for breaking the shackles of taming regrets; And you my friend, always be there to share the night,                …