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Interview Stories...ESE & P.S.U

For getting a job in any company you have to go through interview process which might be once in a lifetime opportunity with that firm. For Gate qualified students interview virtually decides everything. I mean it, if you are a topper i.e <50 rank then you will surely get something out of your rank but above 50, it depends. I have plethora of examples of rank around 100 not converting a single call and around 300 converting Navratnas like HPCL.

From what I have observed knowledge plays only a side role ( considering you have cleared GATE with good ranks and can answer basic fundas even sleepwalking) . The major role is your planning, what is the background of company, how are the stocks, new projects,completed projects, its finances. You know company in-out and be  good with words and you can make them ask what you want and bingo you will easily crack it.

Why I decided to pen my interview experience ?
During my preparation for IIT Delhi interview I was googling for some old questions …

From the darkest of alleys

The time span from may'14 to dec'15 will always be a duration of huge topsy turvy in my life, from finding it hard to look in the mirror to cloud nine . Journey to Delhi was not a planned decision but an escape from  parents and their questions such as "what I will do now, why don't I try for TCS"?. My college, one of the best among NITs had left me "educated unemployed". My only hope was an interview with H.S.C.C, which also shattered on the way to Delhi when I got a call from a friend that only one person was selected. So there I was in Delhi with all my books and some friends from college. With so much self talking when alone I felt uneasy and   company of these known people kept me going. 

Delhi was also not easy on me. Guys there ate,slept and shit study, all of this with an aim to hit the bulls eye. But I was tired/demotivated/ashamed and it needed more than a mere motivation to change my fate. You see motivation doesn't give you rank. Sometime…