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It was like a fog surrounding me and I could not do anything except  waiting  for the haze to clear or  move in any arbitrary direction,but if you don’t have a clue what your aim is ,then what?? wait or move it wont matter.
In my case i moved,i don’t know where but in hope that somewhere -somehow i will know the reason of my existence.In the way ,at a crossroad I found some people doing things which they proclaimed as their aim,I joined them and thought that, may be  my aim was same or if not then may be i would get any clue.After i moved with them far away from the starting point, working with them and achiving their…or may be my aim…I stopped for a few moments and closed my eyes to figure it out….have i got that??…a voice from inside echoed,but it was also not clear,what i could make out was that ,it was a NO…
i opened my eyes and found myself to be at another crossroad with another group of people preparing to move then i turned in search of my group,but i found n…

A trip to guilt….

Is it reality or i am dreaming
.am i deaf or there is silence all around.
A sence of tension,a taste of fear, Warm all around,
as u may be in the air
.Drenching my heart to bring out the guilt…loneliness
…that…i carved out myself from the gallery of happiness.
………..I can see your face from the corner of my eyeand
the hatred it has for me,the anger of an innocent heart
the pain of a pure soul.
But i am there at one corner of room,
waiting this dream to last
and a smile to asthetisize the dark,
a love to wash the guilt.
a word to echo in the lonliness

Coz i connect with you….:D :) :)…!!!!!!!!

I am so capacitive
Binding my feelings inside….so  are you….
isolated like ions from the world around
I am so logarithmic……
having the confidence in love as e(x)…
but facing you is replaced by  are you…..
Like a convex lens..
every ray from you converses at my heart
so asymptotic…
far apart but yet so close
so laminar in the flow of life…
so inductive…inducing the love….
but yet unconnected….
so catalytic
but yet not dissolved……
In phase but yet apart
so relativistic
logical yet complex…
closed love circuit.
starting every action at right time…..


A heaven’s around……….

Cold and fresh….the air around
Dim lighted skies above so profound
twinkling water drops form a leaf….falling down
May be its a morning of heaven’s around
Unmoved trees DEAD in their sleep,
Waiting for sun to pour in the life,
sweet and loving ….the song of birds,
like flowers for the sun’s chariot,
May be its a morning of the heaven’s around
Me an empty soul near the fm lab(fluid mechanics),
Unmoved by the love or beauty around,
feeling so cold and sitting so blank,
asking the birds and trees so loud …
A reason of life…….
A joy of silence……………………

To our prof's ,students are machines

It is in front of you because there was no other way to bring some light to hideous face of our college. Its discipline and way of turning students into a good person is taking a toll . I don’t have any right to judge my college, but coming to the end of this you will be the judge yourself.May be the cases of suicide can be claimed to be due to mental instability and drug addiction can be claimed to be due to lack of character as hailed by our professors but the way khushi sharma is facing the plight  ,I think I would have broken down a way early and I don’t have that much guts to carry on as she is trying to do .Khushi sharma , a mechanical engineering student of nit calicut ,is suffering from a disease named “cangetrophy”( in simple words in this the patient becomes suddenly unconscious and may take 1 hr or even 10 hrs to be again normal. She has lost many things in life due to this but never gave up,and still she is trying harder and harder to make things normal.And …

DO NITs deserve a "national" tag

National institute of technology are the institutes of national importance funded directly by central government.The facilities, infrastructure,faculties are par from those of state governed colleges.These may be treated as the holy grail of making best engineers,business entrepreneurs..And the best part is that Aieee is the toughest exams coz of the strength of students giving them which almost crosses 15 lakhs.But cant we see that after all this footholds we still are not the good among the bests...........

seems a good question but the real answer is we ourselves don't want to look on the solutions because some were the solutions will upset our own dears......

But seeing at the statistics in every hundred of student taking admission in a NIT,
28% OB quota
15% st and SC quota,
ph quota
home state quota

It means almost 70 % of students in a Nit are from some creepy quota
Indian politics is harming so badly the education system that i can assure…