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It is too hot, uneasy and tones of negative inertia shackled around neck.
 But the goal is just one step ahead and I want you to be as ferocious as this heat .
Drench  even the last ounce of  sweat as you and me both know what we seek.
So I want you smile at every distractions around and say "you are down in my priority list, way down".

I thought to jot down what were in wishlist but I guess Somethings need to be kept till the penultimate day.

So Fatso ! get your bums up, ek baar aur dikha diya jaaye ...:) :)

The Chaturvedis

Many people in India have the surname Chaturvedi. They are also called Chaubes ( just as Dwivedis are also called Dubes ). Many Chaturvedis are my friends.
There are three interesting things about Chaturvedis :
(1) They were originally concentrated in the area comprising of the present districts of Mathura, Agra, Firozabad, etc ( the Brajmandal ) in the state of Uttar Pradesh, though of course they later spread elsewhere, e.g. to Malwa where they are called Malviyas ( e.g. Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya ), and some even went abroad.. However even now there are a lot of Chaubes in the Mathura region and nearabout, and they are bhaktas of Lord Krishna.
(2) They call themselves Brahmins, but traditionally a Chaturvedi boy could only marry a Chaturvedi girl, and not other Brahmans like Mishras, Shuklas, Dwivedis, Trivedis, Bajpais, Pandes, etc
(3) They are usually fair, handsome and intelligent.
What is the historical origin of Chaturvedis ? This could be an interesting subject of research.
I would li…