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Rivers Interlinking

The main planing was chalked out in 2002-2003 under Atal ji in which a plan was passed to interconnect thirty links and built three thousand reservoirs. The idea was given by Arthur cotton in 19th century and that was basically for navigation. The idea firstly came into India in 1972 when K.L.RAO the then minister of irrigation and power under Prime minister Indira Gandhi presented the idea. In 1982 National Water Development Agency (NWDA) prepared plan for thirty links, three thousand reservoirs and 12500 km of canals. It was a very daunting project. In 2002 NWDA estimated 5,60,000 crore investment need in this but was not implemented.
Why interlinking? – to check flood in north east and eastern area. – drought in western and peninsular India – temporal and spatial variation regarding precipitation and availability – depleting ground water resource which is 62.95 percent used for irrigation.
Advantages- – tackling drought and flood. – more benefit example approx 34GW will be produced …


I can not remember when was the last time we concentrated this much on this section. Is it really important to talk about them, who are they?
Global citizens can be divided into two parts Indian and non Indian. Indians can be then subdivided in residents and non residential Indian citizens .Non Indian can be dived into two parts they are person of Indian origin and others. So an Indian Diaspora consist of NRI and PIO.
They are the one who are in different parts of world representing India at World stage be it
Satya Nadela, Kiran Desai or Sundar Pichai etc. They can play a significant role in government decision making process and sometimes even act as the pressure points. It is a good gesture of government as it is making them feel they are a significant part of democracy and they are indeed , not only politically also economically. This will help in getting 70 billion remittance to India and that can be effectively used to lessen the burden of borrowing money.


Before going into the matter directly let what is UNSC and why it is so much important to India. UNSC is one of the six organs of United Nation and its main aim is to maintain peace and security in the word. It has five permanent members and ten temporary members who gets reshuffled time to time. The permanent members were the countries which won the world war II and emerged as the biggest economy in due course of time. The main focus is that they have a special say in any UNSC matter in form of VITO power.
Now we all know this is 21st century, the scenario has changed in a lot of way such as Germany is not in ruins now but one of the largest economy of Europe, India is also the fast growing economy and in some ways competing with the Chinese economy. As Christine lagarde said “India is a bright spot on the dark horizon”.
So the main question isn't why India should be a permanent member but is that why a country having 1/6 th of the world population has no say? Or why even a continen…

The Cold Night

The night is cold empty but still busy in the sounds of trucks and buses. It sometimes makes me feel afraid or may be oblivious.And I think it is going to take more than few hours of this cold night to soothe the blisters of sun. Looks pretty same as the night I came here in this strange city with bags of book and bundles of disappointment.You know what's about this night? It always makes me feel I am alone as if I am leaving some part of me behind. I have left friends and I have made new ones many times but there is always this night in between "the leaving night or the soulless night" and no matter how accomplished I am before that night, it doesn't feel the same.
Though I agree that this darkness gives me strength to fight alone but it is not asked for.It makes me feel the pace of time as it passes by. I guess It is high time I stopped thinking what's in past or future and enjoyed the present. Because she is beautiful and I have made her such by my own hands …

China's Stock Exchange Crash

China's Stock market explained in charts

(Click on the above text )

An overview of the Greek crisis .


Living IIT delhi Life

It feels good to be writing after a long break.One complete year ! isn't it ?

I am sitting in front of my room in Girnar hostel of IIT D, which looks like what my NIT C's mega_hostel may look like when it is complete. This place is a infrastructural beauty. It is hard to tell, whether it is a collage or a huge garden full of peacocks.Lamps on both side of roads makes the campus magically lit up all night long making it hard to stay in rooms at night.
Ironical isn't ?  how hard I resist these changes and even regret them at the beginning but finally all adds up to be a beautiful memory to be cherished.I had no plans of ending up here and though I still don't have but for now I am here and I intend to enjoy this awesome place to its fullest.Oh ! i forgot to mention Anil , he is my classmate here from Alwar Rajasthan and he is fitness freak and is making me run at 5 am in the morning and then gym. And then there are these awesome Profs (Mr Dutta and Mr Rammana) who teach…

European Emigrant Crisis

I am going to give a brief picture of what the matter is all about.

People are migrating from West Asia, Africa, Balkan countries even Pakistan and Bangladesh. The resin behind is very wide and different for different countries but in simple worlds it can be said that it is due to instability political, social and economic in these areas. Like from West Asia mainly due to ISIS, Arab spring or civil war in Africa, Syria crisis, yamen crisis and other fringe elements activities. Then what question arises, why only European countries? Why not Asia. The answer is pretty simple ,the boundaries of Europe are not that restricted as that of Asia's and they have a developed economy. The prospect of better future is more viable there and inter country movement is also not that tough with the sanguine pact between 26 European countries in with no visa or passport is needed for inter country movement. And how did I forgot to mention a better human rights record is also one of the most importan…


It is too hot, uneasy and tones of negative inertia shackled around neck.
 But the goal is just one step ahead and I want you to be as ferocious as this heat .
Drench  even the last ounce of  sweat as you and me both know what we seek.
So I want you smile at every distractions around and say "you are down in my priority list, way down".

I thought to jot down what were in wishlist but I guess Somethings need to be kept till the penultimate day.

So Fatso ! get your bums up, ek baar aur dikha diya jaaye ...:) :)

The Chaturvedis

Many people in India have the surname Chaturvedi. They are also called Chaubes ( just as Dwivedis are also called Dubes ). Many Chaturvedis are my friends.
There are three interesting things about Chaturvedis :
(1) They were originally concentrated in the area comprising of the present districts of Mathura, Agra, Firozabad, etc ( the Brajmandal ) in the state of Uttar Pradesh, though of course they later spread elsewhere, e.g. to Malwa where they are called Malviyas ( e.g. Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya ), and some even went abroad.. However even now there are a lot of Chaubes in the Mathura region and nearabout, and they are bhaktas of Lord Krishna.
(2) They call themselves Brahmins, but traditionally a Chaturvedi boy could only marry a Chaturvedi girl, and not other Brahmans like Mishras, Shuklas, Dwivedis, Trivedis, Bajpais, Pandes, etc
(3) They are usually fair, handsome and intelligent.
What is the historical origin of Chaturvedis ? This could be an interesting subject of research.
I would li…

A long Stretch of unproductive time

So this is me sitting in my room frustrated, angry, depressed and lazy. I mean some times I wonder what a fluctuating personality I have, always either high or low never in between. On the table , steel notes and on the bed is my the pseudo shit with all the pseudo people showing how fucking their life is in a way better than others and how much they care for you.Even their congratulation seem nothing but hollow.And still I turn up to them always.
Certainly I have figured out there are only a few who cares what should  be u doing and how the fuck you feel and still its stupid for you to think that they will be feeling the same as u do for as long as u feel the same. I mean they can see the shoe isn't fitting but they cant feel it.
In a way people have let me down, even God has let mein down. And time to time I have realized that in time of need only one Hero has come up for me and that ass is ME :).

So as I write this down I wonder what the fuck …

budget 2015 !!

A good article on budget analysis by OPINDIA, "summary of Union Budget" (click on the link above)

ARUN Jetley's speech in Rajya Sabha (26th-feb-2015 )

1) coal block allocation is reverse allocation (for power sector) , that is base price is fixed and lowest bidder gets the block for electricity so they have to distribute electricity at lower prices and other sectors like steel etc will have normal auction that is base price is fixed and highest bidder will get it. But in UPA it was done bay discretionary machinery which allocated it and got zero money from it and UPA said it was zero loss allocation. 2) should OIL price be reduced as it is heavily fluctuating in international market?
-there was a historical backlog which oil companies had and by this reduction in oil price in international market the oil companies have lost of about 30k crores.were to account for this and one thing more, the inventory loss itself is about 30k crore, so these companies wont be crushed ? 3) Land Acquisition hype:- When the act was made under UPA gov, this act had a section 105 ( scheduled 4) in which they had put put 13 pieces of sectors including railway…

Highlights from Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu's Speech

●SMS alert to be introduced for train timings
●To introduce air-conditioned coaches for suburban trains
●Wi-fi to be available at 400 railway stations
●To revamp station redevelopment policy completely
●To have bidding system for redevelopment of stations
●To develop 10 satellite railway stations this year
●On-board entertainment facility could be extended on Shatabdi trains
●Mobile charging stations will be introduced general class coaches ●Wagon-making scheme to be reviewed to make it easier for private investment ●To improve cleanliness & design of bed linen ●All India 24x7 grievances helpline 138 to start soon ●7,000 more toilets to be replaced by Bio-Toilets, New toilets at 650 stations, more vacuum toilets ●Passenger travelling unreserved can procure a ticket within 5 minutes ●Mobile application to address complaints of people is also being developed ●Hand-held devices for ticket checkers for moving towards paperless ticketing ●Centrally managed railway display network in over 2000 station…