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Response from students all over India

I never thought I could reach this much big crowd..connect with them.And I really believe that till now I was trying to convince ignorant people around me. GAURAV KUMAR, It was your Idea and I owe you .
And everyone, my friends or students from other colleges , we are in this together...:)

A letter to Kapil Sibal

Dear Uncle,

Sub: Close coaching classes but do something about quality of teachers in gov. colleges.

I don't have your mail Id and you don't seem to be on facebook or other social networking sites either ( though  66A of the IT Act amended by United Progressive Alliance shows how much you are connected to cyber world). Regular mail will never  reach upto you.
                                                                          Sir ,I want to congratulate you on your out-of-box reforms in the educational field by some huge changes in Entrance test patten.And indeed they are strong steps in uprooting "Private Coaching hubs" like Kota and getting the real talent to National level.Certainly sir ,I can't agree more with you ,these are huge money sucking lices .But sir, I am pretty sure you would  never have attended a coaching class,I mean how can you ,life of a politician is too hectic.