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Have you ever felt that you have got a gift much more unknown and precious  than anything before.There are only two possibilities either you en cashes its worth  or maybe not. And mostly as we have come out of  a small cocoon like environment  unaware of its worth lets it go and bids  adieu with a  smile( precisely like that fox in the orchard which let go the grapes  wrongly calculating its worth ) and that smile may be covering all the flawed up pride ,unaccepted guilt and lastly a pulling force to stop “the somebody inside “ from rectifying the mistake.                                                      Someday you will realise that the small “somebody inside” was your true friend, a meek outspoken little unbiased child. “Child”  because what he may force you to say be good /bad/true/lie, what he may make you feel like a freak / weak/impulsive/rude/true friend/bad person, but will ultimately be genuine to the person. Yes, I bet it will surely free you from a long term game of gu…


Biggest change when I came to college was that, to my every "why" there was an answer "have to".

"Why i have to solve this question by this method and not that".....have to "why we have to write 20 pages of assignment when they too know it will be a copy"....have to "why have to attend classes when i know books will be better than that Idiot".....have to "why i have to do this/that"....have to..
And slowly "the why" disappeared like the sand taken away with wind and left with Have To engraved on the forehead.Though i struggled to digest this in beginning but its use  helped me fit in.
This "have to" bashed up my conscience so hard that even if the soul tries to unwrap "why" and think of having a swim in it,it gives huge agony as if the mind has accepted it to be too shallow.
And now the scenario within is changing so much that thins are in too topsy turvy if 
Q:"why am i sleeping" ans:...…