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Dance with your shadow

It`s night and time to sleep,
but I know you yearn for more,
to feel alive than lie dead in your bed.
So go-out beneath the scintillating night,
and dance with your shadow until the day lights.

The streets are empty and cold,
but look ! there's your shadow smiling, so don't crawl back.
Show your moves and let the shadow follow.
No one to fear, no one to envy,
they are all asleep.
and you both don't feel shy,
let your smile be the song of the night,
dance until the day lights.

Dance and dance till the shadow's no stranger,
let the story unfold, the deep seeded one's,
some joy some sorrow, share
because the night's long and  a keeper.
Now the dawn starts to rise upon,
the shadow fades and hides within.
Now the world chatters and you smile away,
as the shadow's no stranger and dances within.

Came across these today..