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ARUN Jetley's speech in Rajya Sabha (26th-feb-2015 )

1) coal block allocation is reverse allocation (for power sector) , that is base price is fixed and lowest bidder gets the block for electricity so they have to distribute electricity at lower prices and other sectors like steel etc will have normal auction that is base price is fixed and highest bidder will get it. But in UPA it was done bay discretionary machinery which allocated it and got zero money from it and UPA said it was zero loss allocation. 2) should OIL price be reduced as it is heavily fluctuating in international market?
-there was a historical backlog which oil companies had and by this reduction in oil price in international market the oil companies have lost of about 30k crores.were to account for this and one thing more, the inventory loss itself is about 30k crore, so these companies wont be crushed ? 3) Land Acquisition hype:- When the act was made under UPA gov, this act had a section 105 ( scheduled 4) in which they had put put 13 pieces of sectors including railway…

Highlights from Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu's Speech

●SMS alert to be introduced for train timings
●To introduce air-conditioned coaches for suburban trains
●Wi-fi to be available at 400 railway stations
●To revamp station redevelopment policy completely
●To have bidding system for redevelopment of stations
●To develop 10 satellite railway stations this year
●On-board entertainment facility could be extended on Shatabdi trains
●Mobile charging stations will be introduced general class coaches ●Wagon-making scheme to be reviewed to make it easier for private investment ●To improve cleanliness & design of bed linen ●All India 24x7 grievances helpline 138 to start soon ●7,000 more toilets to be replaced by Bio-Toilets, New toilets at 650 stations, more vacuum toilets ●Passenger travelling unreserved can procure a ticket within 5 minutes ●Mobile application to address complaints of people is also being developed ●Hand-held devices for ticket checkers for moving towards paperless ticketing ●Centrally managed railway display network in over 2000 station…