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Who are "RAPIST" ?

When I see those Delhi Rape culprits and their hideous crime I think will mere a simple Death sentence can do the justice? Can it do anything to decrease the coming decades long agony . Why will the numbers of rape  decrease, because u hanged one?
 Be practical, even if its your's parents death after a decade you will let go and move on.If I think like the impulsive protesters I would rather burn the culprits to third degree and let him live and show his pics on TV as advertisements probably every sunday, decade after decade to inflict the pain and empathy.
But that's not at all my point.
Let me ask you a question
 Did those "bus folks" knew that they where going to rape a girl? As its very simple for even a lame too to understand that he cant run away from this Big one!.As we call them "monster" or "blot on humanity" ,did SATAN himself sent them to rape her ? Is there anyone like "certified Rapist" or How do you know you are not going …

I am a fake

Sometimes I think,” If eyes are the windows to the soul then grief is its door, as long as its closed, its the barrier between knowing and not knowing, walk away from it and it stays closed for ever. Open it and walk through it and pain becomes truth. And now I’ve faced the struggle for my own survival that I always knew was coming”......

  Night at around 11.30,we  were returning from City to college .Not knowing if it was the cool breeze or the after exam mood as Akash asked “Sameer did you ever go to your parents, hug them and say that they are the best Parents and you love them too much..without any reason, just for the sake of what you are feeling...think of the response”. I saw his face and said “dude don’t  you think it seems a lil kiddish..I mean a lil awkward but that was a too intense question and my answers were not at all doing justice to the question”......................

Sometimes I think , I am the same person as the world looks upon me. I think the way I am behaving …