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The Cold Night

The night is cold empty but still busy in the sounds of trucks and buses. It sometimes makes me feel afraid or may be oblivious.And I think it is going to take more than few hours of this cold night to soothe the blisters of sun. Looks pretty same as the night I came here in this strange city with bags of book and bundles of disappointment.You know what's about this night? It always makes me feel I am alone as if I am leaving some part of me behind. I have left friends and I have made new ones many times but there is always this night in between "the leaving night or the soulless night" and no matter how accomplished I am before that night, it doesn't feel the same.
Though I agree that this darkness gives me strength to fight alone but it is not asked for.It makes me feel the pace of time as it passes by. I guess It is high time I stopped thinking what's in past or future and enjoyed the present. Because she is beautiful and I have made her such by my own hands …

China's Stock Exchange Crash

China's Stock market explained in charts

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An overview of the Greek crisis .