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Happy B'day Pops

Dear pop's,

It an irony that I am writing a letter to the person who has taught me how write one.Its your birthday but I don't have  a gift for you.But I am proud that I couldn't have anything to give because there is nothing I can imagine that will do justice to the love ,respect and gratitude I have for you.What I am now is itself the best and the most beautiful gift you have given me.
Sitting at a comfortable chair at my college I remember:-

 You used to take all my books to office and read  them and print Q/A and I used to simply read them . Teachers used to think I am  good at studies, even though I didn't even know the names of those books.I remember the final exam of Maths in 7th class ,there was a holi vacation of 2 days and I was totally nervous ,you sat with me though all syllabus teaching  me those "Fatima bought 100 eggs and all" and I ended up getting 100.I remember all your cajoling to participate in debates ,writing those debates for me and eve…

Last Diwali at GOD's own country..

Happy Diwali... :)

MOM, you are my religion.

It was my pre-board exams of 10th,on the second day of exams when I was on my way to school, I fell of my bicycle and though I got up and managed to reach my school in time ,it was by the middle of that exam that I realised that my writing hand (left hand) had swelled and I couldn't move it at all.I wasn't able to complete my paper that day.
 . My left hand had a fracture in "ulna part" and it was plastered .Next morning I was on my terrace hiding in the corner and weeping with my head down ( yeah I was a dedicated nerd !).Suddenly I realised that someone was standing next to me, it was my mom.Her eyes were moist too but I think she managed to control it.She sat near me on the ground and with a confident smile asked "when is your next exam" ? I said after 2 days and burst into tears.She wiped my tears and said-


I showed her my plaster and asked &…

The last Onam.

( photo courtesy:- Vaishakh karthikeyan)

It wasn't different from any other sunday except waking up to the drum beats. I knew SAC (student affair council ) had organised Onam celebration today but for a 4th year guy (who hasn't been placed yet and who don't know any clairvoyant ) there are far more important things than being gregarious .But  finally I decided to go out and have a look at what was going on at the football ground. When I  reached the football ground ,what I saw was no different than any of the previous year's but still when I realised that this might be the last time I am going to see any of this ,my apathy turned into a little unacceptable regret.

There was a crowd in front of me dancing in euphoria and the beauty of the scene was beyond  my words . Guys in their black kurta and white dhoti ,girls in their beautiful traditional attire and a group of drummers ,all inebriatedly dancing  on the beats of the drummer. I bet …


You, my friend at the epitome of darkness, Whispering the collusions of night, plight of wilderness; And I am here by the window side sharing the same light. For I am a garrulous, hapless in solitude, Let me elicit what my mind been begetting, And you are the one to abate
and languish my malaise;                                How to ask those rebuking eyes to absolve my sedition,                                 To tell that this penance is not vicarious,                                 To say, “appearance be disguised but feelings are honest”. “I don’t take things slow; I close my eyes and jump”, Tell me ‘o’ cognizance of light, Isn’t it our feelings that control us and not the other way round?                         Though my agony has made me a better one,                        But the conscience still ask for vindication,                       This wild soul asks for breaking the shackles of taming regrets; And you my friend, always be there to share the night,                …

Response from students all over India

I never thought I could reach this much big crowd..connect with them.And I really believe that till now I was trying to convince ignorant people around me. GAURAV KUMAR, It was your Idea and I owe you .
And everyone, my friends or students from other colleges , we are in this together...:)

A letter to Kapil Sibal

Dear Uncle,

Sub: Close coaching classes but do something about quality of teachers in gov. colleges.

I don't have your mail Id and you don't seem to be on facebook or other social networking sites either ( though  66A of the IT Act amended by United Progressive Alliance shows how much you are connected to cyber world). Regular mail will never  reach upto you.
                                                                          Sir ,I want to congratulate you on your out-of-box reforms in the educational field by some huge changes in Entrance test patten.And indeed they are strong steps in uprooting "Private Coaching hubs" like Kota and getting the real talent to National level.Certainly sir ,I can't agree more with you ,these are huge money sucking lices .But sir, I am pretty sure you would  never have attended a coaching class,I mean how can you ,life of a politician is too hectic.

FDI , there is more to it than a debate of parliament

"Not letting foreigners come and do business along with us is a sign of weakness. It is like hosting the Olympics and not allowing the best countries to compete. " The opposition has played a major role in this term to bring out various scams and keep the pressure on the government. However, to oppose everything, and for the sake of obstruction and not much else is not right either. However, the support for FDI and some of the PM's policies in no way implies that the government is off the hook on the various scams. Until now, the government hasn't demonstrated seriousness about taking the right action on graft. In fact, it denies the scams even occurred. Liberalisation is not only about better economic policies, but also about better moral values.  But seriously , the point of concern here is not whether central government has thought of FDI to cover its ass but " Is foreign direct investment really of any help or is only a tool for distracting the nation ? So lets…

Love, my views.. :)

Love:Why are those who fall in love called fools?

“And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche 

I always had a cynical tilt towards this topic and wondered if I would ever  be able to convey it exactly ,simply and  beyond the shame, regrets, shyness , untouched or unaffected by opinions.
Love is nothing more than the most indulging question I have ever solved, Love is hidden within the expression when you listen to your best song . Love is the hidden  zeal / the inspiration or a motivator who pushes you to "Do it", beyond the odds. Love is hidden within the smile of a musician when he thinks, he had played it at his best. Love is like your mom's word when you are in despair  or at the verge of forfeiting. Love is your feel  when from nowhere you hear your Dad's words "Don't worry I am always here for you". Love is hidden within your urge to listen to a song hour after hours,days…


Someday we will meet again,
and  it won't be hard to recognise you.
 I will be standing at the street's corner catching some breath -hiding shivers;
Waiting  for  just one look,
                 Someday this all will fade away,      
                  and I will have my miracles again.
        For now I will simply look above and smile
        and  ask "seriously god,what's your game" ?