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Most Powerful and Stunning Post I have ever read .

Something Spectacular and out of this facile world
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A long Road trip.

So while watching this movie about road trip I was too temped to plan one.
And fed up of this monotonous life,I thought there's nothing better than a long road trip .Then the most basic question arouse "with whom " ?. My mind strolled upon every one of my friends from back to now. Its not only about the road trip its about "whose devils will play along with your's " and I could not think of more than these few awesome people I  have met till now ,Rohit ,Rahul, Chandan ,Deepraj,Ashish,Avinash,Jatin,Gaurav and pity ,no girl till now in that list.

Let me Fall.

Let me fall for now,
but hold on to me ,
for I am too meek to be alone.
See me when I am down
for you shall feel the reason of my joy .
A man as you see me but I am still your kid,
trying failing weeping and again picking up.
And you are not here and nor are your hugs.
I miss them and I miss you.
Don't sympathize because it will bleed me out.
Just cut out a piece of your faith from the God
 and lend it to me .
Don't fear because God can't get angry on its most lovely art.
And I will keep your faith hidden deep within my soul,
for souls can keep the most lovely secrets.
And in the aura of that light within my soul , I will try once more.
Have some faith and let me fall.