I can not remember when was the last time we concentrated this much on this section. Is it really important to talk about them, who are they?

Global citizens can be divided into two parts Indian and non Indian. Indians can be then subdivided in residents and non residential Indian citizens .Non Indian can be dived into two parts they are person of Indian origin and others. So an Indian Diaspora consist of NRI and PIO.

They are the one who are in different parts of world representing India at World stage be it

Satya Nadela, Kiran Desai or Sundar Pichai etc. They can play a significant role in government decision making process and sometimes even act as the pressure points. It is a good gesture of government as it is making them feel they are a significant part of democracy and they are indeed , not only politically also economically. This will help in getting 70 billion remittance to India and that can be effectively used to lessen the burden of borrowing money.


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