Before going into the matter directly let what is UNSC and why it is so much important to India.
UNSC is one of the six organs of United Nation and its main aim is to maintain peace and security in the word. It has five permanent members and ten temporary members who gets reshuffled time to time. The permanent members were the countries which won the world war II and emerged as the biggest economy in due course of time. The main focus is that they have a special say in any UNSC matter in form of VITO power.

Now we all know this is 21st century, the scenario has changed in a lot of way such as Germany is not in ruins now but one of the largest economy of Europe, India is also the fast growing economy and in some ways competing with the Chinese economy. As Christine lagarde said “India is a bright spot on the dark horizon”.

So the main question isn't why India should be a permanent member but is that why a country having 1/6 th of the world population has no say? Or why even a continent like Africa has no say in the matters. And Why in a dynamic world UN organs are not dynamic?

In my views we have a valid mandate because-
it is the best democracy of the world
a democracy with 2/3 is working age population.
has the biggest contribution to UN peace keeping force with 1.85 lakh force personals.
3rd largest on purchasing power parity basis

Conclusion- Though the UNSC reform are not that close and the world need to keep working on it to prove its dynamism and representation of real 21st century but India's recognition and acceptance at the world stage as a level player and a world leader is a very good sign .


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